Issues related to products

Product Safety Initiatives Safety Considerations/Chemical Hazard Prevention

In recent years, in addition to highly active pharmaceuticals handled in the pharmaceutical field, there has been an increase in the manufacture of high value-added products using raw materials that are difficult to handle under normal atmospheric conditions in the rechargeable battery field and other processes involving volatile materials. With our accumulated know-how and containment technology, we are incorporating a variety of safeguards for handling and processing hazardous chemical materials.

Product Quality and Safety Initiatives (Cosmetics)
User-friendly product creation (eyelash serum)

We are developing products with more safety in mind for the delicate eye area.

Conducting four safety studies

  1. Patch Test (Skin Allergy Test)
  2. RIPT test (skin allergy test)
  3. Stinging test (sensitivity test for sensitive skin to evaluate itching and burning sensation)
  4. Alternative eye irritation test

Five free formulations

Free of silicone, ethanol, oil, fragrance, and colorants

Acquired ISO22716 (Gojo Plant, cosmetics GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice)

  • Gojo Plant (Gojo City, Nara Prefecture)
     Acquired on June 15, 2022

* ISO 22716 is an international quality and safety standard for the manufacture of cosmetics.

It is a "Good Manufacturing Practice" regarding the manufacturing and quality control standards required of manufacturers, and is recognized as a set of management standards for a series of processes in the manufacture of cosmetics, from raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging, shipping management, and handling of recalls.