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Compliance Charter

This charter sets up a universal code to be observed by all directors and employees of Hosokawa Micron Corporation (HMC) and the group enterprise in corporate conduct.


HMC and the group enterprise will always be the leading global company covering the mountain range of Powder Technologies and its periphery business segment. The Group aims to achieve peaks of excellence in the development and commercialization of advanced materials, process equipment and systems engineering, so that the Group is a regarded company that can be trusted and needed by society.


All directors and employees of HMC and the group enterprise are to follow the principles outlined below in the conduct of company business.

  1. Domestic and foreign laws are to be observed, and sound business practices are to be followed related to all business transactions. All transactions are to be made on a fair and equitable basis.
  2. All Group companies are to be good corporate citizens and maintain healthy relationships in the local community with a respect for varying cultures.
  3. All directors and employees should do their best to disclose and provide the appropriate information on the company and the products.
  4. All directors and employees are obliged to mutually respect human rights, diversity to promote a good working environment.
  5. l directors and employees have to protect the environment, the health and safety of their employees and citizens.
  6. We take an uncompromising stance toward antisocial forces, groups and violence in the workplace.