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System control of powder processing

Example of a controlled milling system

Remote monitoring of the ACM Pulperizer with GEN4 RM and examples of controlled production using on-line sensors and controllers will be presented.
A variety of information is required to monitor and control the operation of powder production systems. Among these, powder size is a very important parameter, but unlike liquids and gases, powders are difficult to sample. In order to achieve this goal, we sell the Optisizer, an online particle size analyzer.

Optisizer®/Online particle sizer


This is an online particle size analyzer that can measure the particle size distribution of powders flowing through a manufacturing process in real time and monitor it on a PC screen. Monitoring the particle size distribution of powders in a production line using this system reduces the time and cost required for quality control and process control, and contributes to improved productivity and product competitiveness. It can also be used as a measuring instrument for quality control when processing dusty and explosive materials in inert gas, because it can measure the particle size distribution without sampling in the air.

This optimizer allows for remote monitoring of production status and automatic control of the process.

The figure shows the result of controlling the ACM classification speed based on the particle size data produced by the ACM Pulperizer and the Optisizer. The classifying rotation speed is controlled by the control panel. The classifying rotation speed is programmed to be automatically adjusted by the controller built into the control panel. If the fine adjustment of the operating conditions has been done by the operator, this control can contribute to the stabilization of the production quality and to the problem of technical inheritance of the operation.


Brochure download is here.