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Improvement of competitiveness and technical capabilities

Initiatives to design for energy conservation, etc., and to eliminate excessive design

Our equipment uses many materials (mainly steel). In addition, many of our devices are equipped with motors (electric motors). While it is important to design with full consideration for safety, excessive specifications (over-specification) not only increase the amount of materials used, but also lead to increased power consumption.  We are working to eliminate excessive design through CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and various tests to ensure that the design is appropriate with safety in mind.

Propose equipment and systems tailored to customer needs

We rarely deliver equipment according to standard specifications. Instead, we propose equipment and systems that meet customer needs by selecting the appropriate equipment to meet their needs, confirming performance through testing, selecting internal construction materials for the equipment to match the raw materials, and determining the model and combination of equipment to match the installation space and processing capacity.  As an example, a proposal to switch from a conventional drum dryer to our horizontal continuous dryer was adopted, contributing to energy savings in the drying process.
We also provide support for customers' product development by receiving actual raw materials from customers and conducting prototyping and verification tests at our test facilities, as necessary, to select equipment and propose systems that meet customers' needs.