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GEN4 RM Assits to Start IIoT

HOSOKAWA GEN4 RM is one of the services in GEN4 series. HOSOKAWA GEN4 RM is a system that realizes Remote Monitoring.

  • Realize real-time quality and facility management.
  • Equipment operation data can be accumulated and utilized as management resources.
  • It can be used as a gateway to digitalization.


IoT system provides an environment to focus on data utilization.

Vibration conditions and temperatures can be monitored and recorded by the customer. The customer can monitor and record vibration conditions and temperature, and know what is happening in the process.

When a problem arises, you can look up past data to help solve the problem.

At the time of line expansion, the data can be shared with all concerned parties for quantitative study, which can be useful for better design/operation.

You can monitor the production status of remote locations at once from the office or on the road.

Main Functions
Remote monitoring

  • Equipment operation data can be checked in the cloud.
  • Equipment operation data can be stored in batches.
  • Freely set alarms and receive notifications by e-mail.
  • Monthly comparisons of operation status and detection of abnormal values are made easy, and labor savings can be expected.

Specifications of HOSOKAWA GEN4 RM

Item Spec.
Basic functions Remote monitoring of operation data
CSV download of operation data
E-mail notification of alarms
What is included in the basic service Gateway main unit
Connecting the control panel to the gateway
Setup of gateway
Mobile communications
Cloud usage fees (license fees for the next and subsequent years are not included)
Gateway Connect the control panel to the gateway, and install the gateway in a location with a good signal environment near the control panel.
(This may vary depending on communication conditions.)
Data transmission volume Standard : 20 points per gateway (1 minute interval)
Data storage period in the cloud Standard : 13 months

What Hosokawa Micron can do for the future

By using GEN4 RM, we can reduce the trouble and defective product rates, reduce the amount of raw materials used, and reduce CO2 emissions. In the future, Hosokawa Micron will continue to face the challenges of the global environment, and through its powder technology, will work for technological innovation and environmental protection for the next generation.