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PLGA: Poly Lactic-co Glycolic acid

The technology to deliver the necessary ingredients to the target area and sustain the efficacy there for long time, that is the medical technology called DDS(Drug Delivery System). Applying this technology to cosmetics, Hosokawa Micron Corporation has succeeded in capsulizing the active ingredients to the PLGA nanospheres and producing the highly effective powder for cosmetics. This biocompatible carrier allow the active ingredients to deliver deep into the skin under stable conditions.

  • High permeability to the stratum-corneum through the pores
  • Sustainability by long-acting sustained release capsule
  • Normalization of epidermal turnover
  • Proven safety and stability due to biodegradability
  • Please feel free to e-mail regarding the availability of capsulizing.


Active ingredients loaded PLGA nanospheres


PLGA nanospheres' Penetration effect on skin and pores


How can you deliver what you need to where you need, and continue in effect?
Now, we have the answer backed by science.


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