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Examples of what we do

IIoT and digitalization of our facilities

This is an example of our in-house trial and error process of IIoT and digitalization of equipment.

Real-time communication using a web conference system

Test status, measurement and test run results can be checked remotely.

Remote monitoring of SEM analysis

Remote FAT

Real-time monitoring of tests

You can remotely check the screen and trend graph of the control panel in the test center.

ACM pulverizer system

System operation status monitoring screen

Trend data

Trend data

Entering test forms

The control panel in the test center transmits data to a tablet terminal owned by the person in charge of the test. Until now, the person in charge checked the instruments and recorded the operation data by manual input. By directly referring to the data on the control panel and instruments and importing the data into the forms, we have been able to obtain objective data that eliminates human subjectivity and provide more efficient testing.

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