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Business Areas and Strengths

Business Areas 

Powder Processing Business

We offer the world's largest range of powder processing equipment and engineering to meet our customers' needs.

We develop, manufacture, sell and system engineer a wide range of equipment, including powder processing equipment for grinding, classifying, blending and drying powder materials and products used in a variety of industries; dust collection equipment for environmental protection and product recovery; and chemical hazard prevention equipment for the protection of workers during the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

The materials business, which develops, manufactures, sells and undertakes contract research into new materials, cosmetics and hair growth products based on nanocomposite particle technology, and the contract processing business, which undertakes the processing of materials, also play a part in this business.

Blown Film Business

We provide high performance film manufacturing equipment for a wide range of industries.

This business involves the development, manufacture, sale and system engineering of multi-layered high-performance films for use in food packaging and the protection of electronic equipment, as well as single-layer film manufacturing equipment. Hosokawa Alpine AG (Germany), which operates this business, is widely recognized worldwide as a specialist brand for thin film production equipment using the inflation method.

What is a multilayer film?

Our Strengths

・Formation of an "Mountain range of powder technologies"* to grow the company and expand the technical offer to customers.
* Hosokawa's universe of technology can be envisioned as mountain peaks of superior products with a broad peripheral application of technology forming the foot of the mountain peaks.

・More than 100 years of experience and a proven track record
The benefits to our customers of being one of the largest companies in our sector

One of the largest after-sales service organizations in the industry
Use of our own equipment and collaboration with partner companies to offer contract machining  
Manufacturing and repair of large machines in our own factories in Japan, USA and Europe  
Special specifications (customisation) possible = one-of-a-kind technology  
Optimal solutions based on a wealth of testing experience   
R&D departments around the world to meet a wide range of customer needs  
A wide range of technologies = proposals to our customers based on a combination of powder technologies  
New business areas related to powders B2C development: contract research using DDS (drug delivery system) technology using nanoparticles, commercialization and sales of cosmetics and hair care products  

We develop and provide Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology (HOSOKAWA GEN4, measuring equipment) using the largest scale in the industry. In the powder industry, which is so difficult that it is often referred to as "powder is the devil", the following can be achieved.

  • Plant visualization
  • Data accumulation to eliminate dependency
  • Operation with both energy saving and maximum capacity
  • Predictive maintenance