Occupational Safety & Health

Our Objective is to Create a Safe Work Environment to Avoid Workplace Accidents and Illnesses

We are dedicated to the implementation of safe work practices and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees by the following actions:
(1) The Company is dedicated to the continuous long-term, systematic improvement of the work environment.
(2) We encourage all employees to focus on their individual health and wellness. 
(3) The Company has developed safety measures in the workplace to eliminate the exposure of the coronavirus by practice safe distancing in the facility.  All employees fully abide by these rules.
(4) The Company provides the correct personal protective equipment for the safe and proper handling of certain materials. 
(5)  The Company encourages employees to maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.    
(6) Employees are reminded of the importance of stress reduction and encouraged to seek assistance if needed. 
(7)  The Company promotes safety awareness and risk assessment in work tasks to eliminate any potential hazards. 
(8) The Company conducts a root cause analysis of any work place accident.
(9)  Employees are always encouraged to drive safely and abide by all traffic rules for their safety and the safety of others. 
(10) The Company has developed  disaster prevention plans to mitigate the effects of major disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and new influenza strains.

  Scope Unit FY 2022 FY2023 Target
(Achievement year)

Number of fatal and serious accidents
on the job

Number of accidents including fatalities
and serious accidents on the job

number of events 0 0 0

Number of fatalities on the job the number of people 0 0 0
Lost time injury frequency rate

*1 0 0 0
Lost time injury intensity rate *2 0.01 0 0

*1 Number of fatalities and injuries due to occupational accidents per million total actual working hours
*2 Total labor lost days per 1,000 total labor hours