Human capital development and education

Aiming for a unique training system that fits our company

Our basic management policies are " Technology Development", "Globalization", and "Human Resources." Based on the philosophy that "Powder Technology contributes to Society," we aim to further educate and train our employees to be able to contribute to positive  societal change by working jointly and effectively with our customers.

Training system, average training hours, etc.(FY 2023)
Type Purpose

Training Hours
Hierarchical training Understand the different roles required for each grade level and acquire the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to put them into practice New employee on-boarding training 15.5
Follow-up training for new employees 7.8
New Management Training 2.0
Management Training 7.75
Management Training
(Evaluation feedback training)
Hosokawa English Program Promptly develop bi lingual language skills in English at overseas group companies and in other countries, particularly in Asia. TOEIC Program
Speaking Program
e-Learning All employees acquire the minimum necessary knowledge of the Company’s culture and standards.




Training Curriculum at the R&D center

It is unlikely that you will be familiar with machines and powders when you join our company.  Once hired, you will gain practical experience in the test center , where you will actually handle machines and powders, and acquire knowledge of a wide variety of machines and various powders brought in by customers which is the first step toward becoming a powder specialist at our company.  We conduct regular study sessions to provide the knowledge required for understanding the functionality and design of our powder equipment and the experience we have accumulated over our more than 100-year history.  The test center provides a unique learning experience with being exposed to numerous types of powders and how they perform. 

Our unique human resource development system, "Chief Engineer," which no other company offers

In 1979, the Special Professional System, a system related to "career growth ," was initiated.

[Purpose of this Program]

  1. This program is not a classification system or a professional system, but it is unique to Hosokawa and is a system that was developed by us. 
  2. The title is given to those who are working hard to acquire superior knowledge and abilities.
  3. It is not a medal for past achievements, but a sign of ongoing progress.
  4. To be eligible, an employees must exhibit dedication to the longevity of the Company and its products. 
  5. Assistants and Chief Engineers must be recognized for their contributions to societal progress.

[Outline of this program]

  •  Employees choose their own theme and summarize the results of their self-improvement through research and study over a six-month period in the form of a "report," and management reads and evaluates all reports.
  • The company subsidizes the cost of training for self-study. Submitted reports are posted on a portal site that all employees can access.
  • Since 1979, countless reports have been submitted. (The following picture shows our portal site to browse these reports)