Digital Transformation

Implementation of Advanced Digital Platforms

Our goal for Digital Transformation DX  is to enable us to provide advanced  digital platforms services to our customers by centrally managing various types of information including analytics, data, application development information accumulated within the company as digital data.

To accomplish this, we are integrating our  business processes such as inquiries, orders, design, production, and sales into a new platform which has transformed and redesigned our IT configuration.   We are now moving into the phase of full-scale system implementation.

For our powder process systems, we developed HOSOKAWA GEN4 RM, which stores digital data on equipment operating conditions and the evaluation results of processed powders which can  be monitored remotely. In the event of an equipment or process malfunction,  an e-mail is immediately sent to the person in charge to inform him or her of the abnormality, thereby reducing system downtime and non conforming product.  The results also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and raw material losses through improved production efficiency.

This remote monitoring system is also installed at our test center, where we provide a service that allows customers to remotely check the commissioning of delivered equipment and the particle size of processed powders from the customer's office.