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Greetings (Company Introduction)

The Hosokawa Micron Group has been providing and expanding "powder technologies" in a wide range of industries that make products we use and consume every day including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paint, fertilizers and hundreds of others as well to cutting-edge technologies used for the production of batteries and electronic components, advanced new materials and nanotechnology. The Group develops, designs, manufactures, and sells equipment and systems used for :size reduction of various materials; classification to efficiently separate powders specific micron sizes; mixing ;drying; agglomerating; collecting; feeding; discharging; transporting and measuring of powders. Our precision manufactured powder-processing equipment and sophisticated technologies are like tall mountain peaks, with the ancillary equipment, system engineering capabilities, and application expertise spreading out like supporting foothills. This"mountain range of powder technologies" analogy is our corporate vision. Our management strategies and business development plans are developed around this concept.
The Hosokawa Micron Group will continue to maintain its position as the worldʼs leading company in the field of "powder technologies", and to provide new technologies and state of the art engineering expertise to meet industryʼs rapidly changing demands and to be a reliable partner to our customers.

Representative Director, President
Chief Executive Officer
Kohei Hosokawa