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Today, society is changing towards an information-intensive structure with the development of technologies aimed at the use of AI and Big Data, and the wave of AI and Big Data use is also sweeping through the manufacturing industry.

However, in the field of powders, it has always been said that powders are the devil's advocate, as they are an aggregate of solids, which makes it difficult to control the powder process due to the distribution of particle size and other properties, the change in bulk density, and the inconsistent flowability. In recent years, however, there has been a shortage of manpower and an ageing population, which has led to problems with the transfer of technology, the need to add value to products, and the need to respond to high-mix low-volume production. In recent years, there have been more and more demands on the production floor, such as a shortage of labour, problems with the succession of skills due to the ageing of the workforce, the need to add more value to products, and the need to respond to high-mix low-volume production.

In order to achieve a paradigm shift in the use of AI, IoT and Big Data in the powder sector, where there are many challenges and barriers, we have started to integrate these technologies into the powder processing process. We call this service HOSOKAWA GEN4.



HOSOKAWA GEN4 offers new possibilities through the use of data with IoT systems.
The aim is to provide a flexible digital tool for optimising production processes, using reliable monitoring, analysis and control methods to transmit and store real-time operational and sensor data in a scalable and secure way.



Items we aim to achieve

  • Remote monitoring of production processes
  • Analysis of operating data
  • High level automation of production
  • Prediction of machine failures
  • Improvement of production efficiency
  • Optimised maintenance
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Transfer of technology

Video introduction to HOSOKAWA GEN4