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Newly refurbished main factory

The reconstruction of the head office plant began in November 2018. In order to rebuild at the same location without shutting down the plant functions, a scrap-and-build method was adopted, whereby the plant was divided into two large sections on the north and south sides, one of which was demolished and a new building constructed, put into operation and then the remaining section rebuilt. The first phase of construction was completed in December 2019 and the entire plant was completed in January 2021.
The construction of the new plant is focused on "ensuring safety", "improving the working environment", "enhancing functionality" and "taking into account the environment". For example, the construction of an underground pit to reduce the need for work at height, the use of fall prevention measures and the constant monitoring of gas concentrations to ensure safety, the use of a wireless system operated from the ground instead of a crane that has to be mounted at height, the use of high performance soundproofing, and the use of a LAN to monitor the status of the equipment from the office building or the customer's office. We also have a dedicated assembly room for pharmaceutical and sanitary equipment, which is a clean room with only 1/100th the amount of airborne particles of a typical factory, and a dedicated booth for painting, buffing and degreasing with organic solvents, which can be harmful to the human body. We have also set up a clean room for the assembly of medical and sanitary equipment.
The cafeteria, located on the fourth floor of the old factory, has been transformed into a cafeteria with new kitchen equipment, filling the hearts and stomachs of our employees.

Osaka factory in Japan