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M&A and Mountain range of powder technologies

Many of the companies we have added to the Group through M&A were originally cross-licensed to each other and knew each other's technology well. This is one of the reasons why we have been chosen as the M&A partner of choice, although there are various reasons for the other party to join our group.
The M&A has enabled us to create a structure that allows us to manufacture for local customers in the local or neighbouring countries, which gives them peace of mind. In addition, we can take advantage of the skills of our excellent local employees, which means less anxiety for our customers and a smoother business development.
One of the characteristics of our M&A activities is that, although a few Japanese employees were stationed in the company for a while after the M&A in order to rebuild and integrate the management, no Japanese employees have been stationed in the company since then, except for personnel training, and the company is managed solely by local people.
One of the main reasons for our M&A activities is the formation of a "Mountain range of powder technologies". This is a term we have coined to describe the high peaks of the various powder technologies and the base of the peripheral technologies and systems engineering that connect these technologies.

Mountain range of powder technologies