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Relationship with powder engineering

Micromeritics Lab.

At that time, the Society of Powder Technology, Japan,  "a forum for discussion and study by scientists and engineers concerned with powders", had been established as the Powder Engineering Research Association, but no journal had yet been published. And the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN, a general incorporated association with the aim of "contributing to the sound development of the Japanese economy and the improvement of people's lives by promoting the development of powder-related industries through the development and dissemination of powder-related mineral and industrial technologies", was also established more than ten years before its predecessor, the Powder Industry Association, was founded. In other words, Japan was still in the infancy of powder engineering. It was at this time that we established the "Micromertics Laboratry (at present, Hosokawa Powder Research Institute)" with the aim of "contributing to the research and investigation of powder processing engineering and its industrialisation". This ambition was also reflected in the personnel, with Saburo Kamei, former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University, as Chief Advisor, Yuzo Nakagawa, Professor of the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University, as Advisor, and Takuzo Matsuyama, Assistant Professor of Kyoto University, as Deputy Director (later to become Director of the Technical Department and then Professor of the Faculty of Engineering at Kansai University). This ambition eventually led to the development of measuring instruments, starting with the development of the Powder Tester, which can quantitatively express the properties of powders. 

Prof. Rumf, Masuo HOSOKAWA, Prof. Rose

In 1961, Prof. H.E.Rose (King's College, University of London) and Prof. H.Rumpf (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), world authorities on powder technology, visited the company and gave lectures and discussions on powder engineering.


The first issue of "THE MICROMERTICS" was published in 1964, with the aim of educating people about powders and contributing to the development of powder engineering in Japan. This was a pioneering attempt, as can be seen from the fact that the Journal of Powder Engineering (now the Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan) was first published in 1964, and the first issue of Powder Technology, the world's leading journal on powder science and technology, was published in 1967.

The journal has been distributed free of charge to companies and universities in the powder industry in Japan, as well as to public libraries upon request. which is an electronic journal platform operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). From the second issue, this journal is published by the Institute. The journal is still edited and published with the advice of an advisory board consisting of members of the Powder Technology Discussion Group
In 1991, the Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation for the Promotion of Powder Engineering was established with the private funds of Masuo and Akihiko HOSOKAWA. The foundation provides research grants to researchers and their students.