Resource Recycling and Circular Economy

Alternative Materials and Material Recycling Initiatives

Plastic films can be used to package several products together and are lightweight, contributing to the reduction of energy required to transport products.  Functional films that protect against oxygen and ultraviolet rays also help reduce food loss by preventing spoilage and extending shelf life when used for food packaging.  Plastics are thus one of the most important materials for creating a sustainable society.  However, various attempts are being made to use recyclable plastics or biodegradable plastics that return to nature out of consideration for environmental issues.  In order to overcome this dichotomy and open the way to the future, our group, in collaboration with our customers, provides technologies for manufacturing functional films, which are currently composed of a wide variety of plastic materials, using only one type of plastic, and easily recyclable films, as well as efficient production technologies for biodegradable films.  We also provide efficient production technology for biodegradable films.

Initiatives to Extend Product Life

When equipment or devices installed in a factory should break down or have trouble and operations are halted, problems may arise such as the inability to deliver products to customers and waste of materials.
We act as a concierge for the equipment we have delivered and support the long-life operation of the equipment.  We respond to customer requests for equipment, including equipment inspections, complete overhauls, equipment remodeling, and energy-saving modifications.

Hosokawa Micron Corporation


FY2022 (Actual) FY2023 (Actual)
Domestic  Overseas Domestic Overseas
Number of maintenance work   1,304 13 1,291 16
Number of maintenance parts supplied 5,816 289 5,293 261


My Bottle Campaign

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have installed water servers* directly connected to the water supply at ten locations within the company and distributed My Bottle with our company and SDGs logos to those who wish to use them.  The water servers will be used as places where anyone can freely supply water, and will also contribute to the reduction of waste such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles, with the goal of raising environmental awareness among employees.

*The high-performance purification filter removes impurities, leaving the minerals untouched and allowing you to enjoy the original taste of the water.