Chemical Substance Management

Appropriate management initiatives

We use our customers' actual materials to check the performance of our equipment and to perform contract processing. In both cases, we handle a variety of powders, including chemicals, minerals, foods, and pharmaceuticals, and these powders and granules come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and characteristics.
For this reason, we ask our customers to submit Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on chemical substances, etc., so that we can fully understand in advance the hazards of the raw materials used and precautions to be taken in operations, and we take safety measures to check performance and carry out processing.
In contract processing, we aim to achieve both economic development and safety assurance, and operate with consideration for reducing environmental risks as well as health impact risks.  For example, in recent years, with the increasing demand for microparticles, we ensure that those who handle them wear appropriate protective equipment and work safely. In addition, when handling specified chemical substances that have a high potential to cause health hazards, we not only ensure worker safety as mentioned above, but also take environmental measures to prevent dispersion and diffusion into the surrounding environment by enclosing the work area with a sheet.