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Drying and testing equipment for organic solvents

When industrial raw materials containing large amounts of organic solvents are processed into intermediate or final products due to the necessity of the production process, the organic solvents contained in these materials may adversely affect the product quality and the environment.
Therefore, the organic solvents contained in industrial materials must be removed at some stage of the production process.
Recently, with the rise in environmental awareness, the demand for equipment to remove and recover these organic solvents from industrial materials is on the rise.

Organic solvents are found in special resins used in camera lenses and LED lights for smartphones, high heat-resistant and high-strength resins used in gears and other automotive parts, fluoropolymers, tire reinforcing agents, raw materials for fire-resistant fibers used in firefighting suits, and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Therefore, we have renewed our drying and testing facilities for these organic solvents, and enhanced our testing facilities for removing and recovering organic solvents from industrial materials that contain large amounts of various organic solvents.

Handles raw materials containing solvents for long periods of time and in large quantities

Under the guidance of the fire department, up to the specified quantity of solvents can be stored and used.

Designated quantity of Class 4 hazardous materials (flammable liquids)

Can be tested in both continuous and batch mode

Continuous indirect heating type dryer (Solidaire) and batch type vacuum dryer (Nauta Mixer Vacuum Pressure Resistant Type) are available.


Nauta Mixer Vacuum Pressure Resistant Type

This test facility has a dedicated section in the Osaka Test Center (Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture).
For more information about this facility or to discuss your testing needs, please feel free to contact us by filling out the inquiry form or by using the contact information below.