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Details of Agglomeration Technology

In general, the finer the powder, the worse its flowability becomes. In addition, their apparent density becomes lighter, making them bulkier and more difficult to disperse. In order to improve these powder characteristics, agglomelation is used to gather small powders and make them larger.

Agglomeration method

Depending on the purpose, different methods such as compression molding, wet granulation, extrusion granulation, and agitation granulation are used. For example, instant foods require immediate dissolution, agricultural chemicals and fertilizers require sustained release, and carbon black requires improved dispersibility.

For example, in the case of instant foods, wet agitation granulation is used for a very short time to produce granules with many gaps between the powders. This allows the warm liquid to enter the gaps, making it easier to dissolve.

Agglomeration methods can be broadly divided into dry granulation and wet granulation, and it is necessary to select the appropriate granulation technology depending on the apparent density and particle size distribution required for the product.