Service-Toll Processing

Common Questions

What is the company doing?

We perform development and production & the sale of the powders-related apparatus mainly. In addition, the business of cosmetics and the hair growing agent using nanoparticles technology, the production apparatus of the plastic film, too. For our management information, please refer tp the “IR Information”. Please look at “Jobs and Careers” for more information about a voice and the duty contents of the employee.

What is the powders-related apparatus? What is it useful for?

Please refer to “Common Questions” of the page of investors, . In addition, we provide for reading for “technical information”.

Is any competition with other company?

Please refer to “Common Questions” of the page of investors, .

Where can we find the information for investors?

We provide informations including “Common Questions” in the page of “IR Information”.

In case of neccessity in powder processing ( grinding, classifying )?

We prepare for two ways of methods. In either case, please contact us from the page of the inquiry.
In case of no investment plan of the device ; Toll processing
In case of machine purchasing ; Powder processing
In the period between machine purchasing nad the delivery toll processing can cover powder production.. The inquiry form follows below

Contact Us

Where should we maintenance and the remodeling of the machine refer to?

Please try it from the page of Contact US.
In addition, I place an example introduction in the page of the after sales service.

Where should the repair of the machine refer to?

Please try it from the page of Contact US. In the case of emergency, Please call us at the following contact.


We would like to export machines of Hosokawa Micron?

Our product and technique may be regulated by “the foreign exchange and foreign trade regulation”. As we confirm the following information on the occasion of the request of the said non-judgment, thank you for your understanding beforehand.

  • Client information:Target product including a company name, a post, an address, a full name, the contact
  • information:The last consumers information including a product name, a manufacturing number, purchase time,
  • the order number:Use including a company name, an address, the Web site.
  • information:Use use (e.g.:) of the product XXX In a factory producing XXX, to perform XXX of XXX of raw materials; use)
  • export information:Including an exporter name, an export country, a shipping point, a landing, the export time when there is a plan of the export (if there is an export plan), please refer to we account executive when the said fault judgment of our product is necessary as a document for management in the company again.