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Common Question

What is the powder technology?

The word itself “powders” is unfamiliar, but “a technique to treat powder” “dividing unpolished rice and a fir tree husk into in a winnowing fan” (wind sieve) “to sieve powder” that a stone mill and a sieve are the classic tools which I applied powders technology to and “to run over powder in a stone mill and to be small and do” “is powders technology”. In addition, the products made using powders technology overflow in imminent everyday life. For example, there are a great many things existing in a state of the powder at an end product or raw materials, some stage of the process of manufacture, and, from wheat flour, medicine, cosmetics, a detergent, the powdery product such as the toner to the products to think at a glance of to be it regardless of powder such as lithium ion battery, liquid crystal, a capacitor, a paper diaper, a tire, the plastic bottle, powders technology is used when we treat them. Even if the hybrid car, smartphone are called “the lump of the powders technology”, not exaggeration, it is a technique to exist with the history of the human from the beginning to the present and the future.

Where is the business field?

A customer exists for medicine, food, chemicals, automobile, IT, energy, resin, the wide type of industry including the mineral. Powders technology is a type of industry crossing-like technique, and it may be said that it is the characteristic of our services to be a business condition not to depend on the specific type of industry. In addition, this becomes the factor that our services are hard to depend on the wave of the economy.

How is competitive situation?

Since the establishment of a business of 1916, a product and a system, engineering supported by experience and know-how of powders technology ray for approximately 100 years are the best strengths. And the tests of 3,500 a year are brought in, and it is with the source where a collection base of the advanced needs from the customers who can say the latest information of the market and the knowledge in the test center where it is lay superiority. In addition, as research and development type company, extend it; an acquisition patent: With 339 patents in 117 foreign countries; the sponsorship of university-industry research collaboration, a symposium and the lecture panel discussion, powders technology specialized magazine (”Micromeritics” ) 1957 …, “KONA” we work on the publication in 1983, and it is connected in superiority I build the strong, close relations with the researcher, and to maintain. In addition, we are the company specialized to a crusher and a mixer, the device including the dryer, and the synthesis of the powders device such as us even if I watch it worldwide does not exist.

What is the main market currently?

Our business domain does not depend on the specific market and is a part concerned with development and the processing of the advanced materials which Japan led in the field of wide industry. In late years the rechargeable battery materials that market expansion advances are one of the making efforts markets, but are only a field for us for one minute of powders markets such as a toner, a magnetic material, resin, food, medicine. The making efforts market does not divide it with a specific type of industry and recognizes it when it is a field of the new technique demand beyond a high-end part and the existing market category that a high technique is demanded from in powders market. I do not identify the field of making efforts in this way in an industrial field, but have a policy to make efforts in the rising nation regionally.

Do the achievements improve according to market expansion of the lithium ion battery including the spread of electric cars (EV)?

Our products do not increase in proportion to the growth of the lithium ion battery market for an apparatus used for a part of the process to process the raw materials of anode materials of the lithium ion battery, cathode materials, but may grow it as business opportunity.

How to approach the booming rising nation?

It increases by the establishment, the staff of a sale subsidiary and the representative office and is going to plan reinforcement of physical anti-stress. A sale subsidiary, I established a representative office in Jordan and, in the spring of 2012, performed staff reinforcement in Malaysia subsidiary and the Shanghai subsidiary in Russia. In addition, I am going to push forward the agency reinforcement in the area that is the active state including the South America area. In addition, I push forward reinforcement, the support of a military unit performing a direct business activity in rising nations including the technical training and the holding of the technique seminar that gathered the local companies of the rising nation that I invite an influential agency and continue an action to build a trend and the demand for direct field company. Furthermore, I regard it as the reinforcement area of the sales activity in after and, about the Asian region that continues evolving to the world’s factory, wrestle. I do information exchange with the field thickly and a technique born in Europe and America, Japan is a rising nation and is going to plan the ground reinforcement at the rising nation by coping with perceptiveness, quickness in what came to be used.