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Among Hosokawa product line, typical equipment (mills, classifiers, mixers) have been scaled down to tabletop models: Picoline. With common platform, different modules can be attached. For the purpose of R&D work, the research engineers can try out 10 different unit operations in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, battery, magnet, ceramics, food and Nano technology.


Small sample processing

It is possible to process one to a few gram samples for milling, classifying, mixing and particle designing with 10 modules. CHemical hazard mateial can be processed within the continment techonoly, picocont.

Minimizing scale-up risk.

Products from the Picoline are corresponding to those of production scale model.

R&D purpose

The Picoline adopts module system and consists of 3 main components.


The platform can be attached with all modules (pico-cont is not included). Platform is provided with touch-panel control unit and the connections for electricity, water and compressed air.

Function Modules

Various modules are provided; classifier head, housings, mills and motor adapters.


Feeder and dust collectors (for short test + for continuous operation) are provided for each module.

Fig.1 picocross

Fig.2 picoplex

Fig.3 picojet in continuous operation

piconizer picojet picosplit
Spiral jet mill Fluidized bed opposed jet mill Air classifier








picozirk picoplex picocross
Impact mill integrated with air classifier pin mill pin mill equipped with two opposing rotating pin discs









picoliq picobond
Wet beads mill Particle design (dry particle coating)






picocrush picocont
For premilling Isolator integratyed system

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