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The Nobilta is high performance powder processing machine used for particle design. It is capable of a wide range of fast mixing from macro mixing to micro mixing, particle composing, surface treatment and spheronization.

Typically with mixing / dispersion, the 3 mechanisms of convection, shear and diffusion are required, but in the case of composing of Nano-particles, an additional strong mill like mechanism (impact, compression, attrition) is required to overcome the strong agglomeration force of the Nano-particles. Typical mixers are biased towards one of the 3 mechanisms of mixing and either do not have the capability of composing requiring an additional composing machine, or do not have the ability to disperse Nano-particles resulting in agglomerates in the product. This resulted in no being able to achieve the target particle.

With the Nobilta, the combinations of compression, shear and impact forces are applied to the particle resulting in Nano-particles being composed efficiently without binder. The world leading composing performance of the Nobilta is in use in a wide range of industrial fields.
(NOBILTA is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)


Fig.1 Mixing degree

The Nobilta consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel with a specially designed rotor rotating at a high speed of 30m/s. The rotor configuration has been designed to exert impact, compression and shear forces on each individual particle equally. Adjusting the rotor speed and run time controls the amount of processing (mixing, surface treatment) to the Nano-particles. The vessel is jacketed to prevent heat buildup when processing heat sensitive materials at high energy levels, preventing sticking and degradation. For processing of abrasive materials, optional hard surfaced or ceramic models are available. There are 6 different sized models from small laboratory scale (NOB-MINI) to large production sizes (NOB-1000).


Fig.2 Selection chart / Mixer

  • One machine can be used for mixing, composing, surface treatment, and spheronization
  • Nobilta can be used for particle design of Nano sized particles.
  • Nobilta can be used to mix a wide range of particle sizes from Nano level to micron sizes.
  • Compact, low running cost
  • Easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble
  • Nobilta can process heat sensitive, abrasive, sticky, hard to handle materials



Achieving higher filling rate, sintering performance for rechargeable battery materials

Increasing reaction performance of fuel cell electrodes, increasing performance of separator material


Increasing flowablitiy, surface treatment of carrier particles


Masking treatment, microcapsules for oral dispersing tablets


Increasing coloring of pigment with a ultra high degree of mixing


Development of composite polymers (Nano-filler + polymer), increasing performance of catalysts, increasing sintering performance


Control of refraction index, increasing flow-ability with surface treatment


Increasing performance, sintering, weather resistance of catalyst

Fig.3 Flow

Fig.4 Example of composite particle (Copper particle coated by tungsten carbide nano particles)

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