Service-Toll Processing


Transportation, Installation & start up commissioning

Support for installation and the starting the operation


To send the experienced engineer to the customer site

Periodical Inspection

It is necessary to check the vibration, temperature, bearings to extend life time of equipments and to to ensure your equipment is running at the best condition

Check point by measuring tool

To control Vibration, Temperature, Bearings etc.

Periodical inspection

Inspection & trouble shouting

To supply high quality spare parts to bring the best performance of the equipments

To supply original spare parts for all Hosokawa brand equipment to reliably protect your equipment

To supply wear parts for grinding machine

Providing & Replacing the Hammer, Liner, Screen etc.

To supply spare parts for Mixer

Providing & Replacing the Driving mechanism, Gear, Screw, any consumable parts etc.

Spare parts for Dust collector

Providing & Replacing the Filter, Retainer, Valves &Band, etc.

Spare parts for anciraly equipments


Periodical overhauling can help to meet production plan and validation criteria

Rotating machine

Periodical inspection and to replacing new consumable parts; bearings, oil seals, lubricant and unusable parts

For Dust collector

Replacing new filters, valves, etc.

To check any detarioration and to repair

Process optimisation for energy saving

Hosokawa service team can also help you to improve and upgrade your existing processes to the latest industry standards; automization pneumatic conveying mechanical conveying

Modification for energy saving system

Design and supply of automization, pneumatic transportation, conveying

Improve environmental condition

Design and supply of dust collecting, hood & ducting

Improve working atmosphere

Design and supply of dust collecting, hood & ducting

Transfer the system from A plant to B plant

Renewal of aging parts

Renewal of facilities

Renewal of aging parts( Pipings, hood, anciraries)

Design and transfer the system from/to plants

Conduct to transfer the system from/to plants

Design & Install various plants