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Analysis Service

Hosokawa would like to consult with you for any problem by utilizing our know-how based on our powder technology. HOSOKAWA MICRON offers to evaluate the powder characteristics by our instruments with applying our knowledge and know-how based on over 100 years experience. The list of available analytical equipment and the functions is as follows.

Physical or dynamic property analysis

Specific surface area/ Microspore analysis BET
Particle size distribution Laser analysis, Dynamic light scattering,
Electric resistance, Sedimentation Balance,
Mesh Sieving; Air jet sieve, Viblette
Particle shape (Circularity) Flow-type particle images analysis
Moisture content Karl Fischer
Specific density Pycnometer
Powder flowability and floodability Powder characteristics; Powder Tester
Wettability·Contact angle Penetration speed; Peneto Analyzer
Charge spectrometer Electrical-single particle aerodynamic relaxation time
Analyzer; E-spart Analyzer
Zeta potential
Thermal analysis TG (Thermogravimetry), DTA (Differential Thermal Analysis),
DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter),
TMA (Thermomechanical Analysis)

Morphological and structure analysis

CP Cross Section Polisher
SEM-EDS Scanning Electron Microscopy / Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy