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Powder Technology Research Institute

Powder Technology Research Institute (PTRI)

The Powder Technology Research Institute (PTRI) was founded in 1958. Its vision was differed from the research institute of major companies at the time. Whilst their main target was new product development, PTRI’s ethos was contributing to develop the powder and particle technology in Japan through R&D works. Nearly half a century has passed and we maintain the tradition and continue innovative research work for powder technology.

As the specific examples, the market needs and higher quality demands for powder processing in the following fields; secondary battery, materials for electronic devices, toner, medicine and functional food have been increased. The solutions for materials in the environment and energy-related business, as well as characterization of various powder properties, are also requested. To fulfill these customer needs, we have been promoting R&D work to develop the advanced high-functional powder processing equipment and systems. The management of R&D activities is conducted worldwide. To utilize the advantages of each R&D section in-group companies, R&D themes are discussed at the International R&D Meeting composed of the representatives of each.

PTRI continues, as the R&D center of whole Hosokawa Micron Group, to unite among group companies and create new technologies and products meeting with customer needs to open the door to an affluent lifestyle and "future technology.”

Hosokawa Micron CORPORATION

R&D CENTER (5 Bases)

The R&D centers located in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, and USA perform research and development activities for powder processing technology, to meet with the latest market demands and nine test centers conduct trials to satisfy the requirement of the customers around the world.

Fig.  International R&D Meeting

Fig. International R&D Meeting

The annually published technical journal for powder technology "The Micromeritics” written in Japanese has been issued since 1957 and the annual English journal "KONA Powder and Particle Journal” has been published since 1983. Both introduce the fundamental knowledge, practical applications and the latest information of the powder and particle technology to contribute to the further development of the technology. In addition, to promote the technical exchange of powder and particle technology among the industry, government and academia, "Symposium on Powder Technology” hosted by HMC has been held annually since 1968, as well as "Hosokawa Powder Technology Symposium” since 1990.

Fig. Journal

Fig. Journal

Intellectual properties as of April 1st, 2014

Filed Patent

Domestic 348 (incl. 31 patent-pending)
Oversea 184 (incl. 25 patent-pending)

Filed Utility Model


Filed Design

37 (incl. 1 pending)


159 (incl. 3 pending)

(Note) Above numbers are cumulative number.