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A new, dry powder, in-process particle sizing system offers real-time monitoring and control of powder processing. Conventionally a sample is periodically taken manually from the process-line and taken to a laboratory to measure the PSD for quality control. However, if the particle size of the process material changes between these measurements, there may be several hours of ‘bad product’ before a problem is detected. Our online particle sizing system improves productivity and product quality by reducing the time and cost for quality control and process control. The closed-loop sampling and measurement system is the best choice for quality control of explosive powder in inert gas to avoid the exposure of the powder to atmosphere. We offer Intellisizer XI series for the general industry market and Pharmasizer XP series for the pharmaceutical market.


Fig.1 Flow

The instrument measures particle size using the widely accepted laser diffraction method. 
A sample taken from the manufacturing process is transported to the measurement cell, where particle size is measured. After measurement, the sample is returned to the manufacturing process. 
The detector collects the laser light scattered from the particles and transfers it to the computer, and the size is calculated. 

The instrument also allows data to be automatically fed to the plant and control system to allow optimum process control.


We offer 2 models.

  1. Intellisizer XI: It has been designed for the general industry.
  2. Pharmasizer XP: It has been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry and conformed to GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) compliant with material certification and traceability.

(Intellisizer and Pharmasizer are trade mark of Xoptix Limited)

Fig. 2 Intellisizer XI

Fig. 3 Pharmasizer XP

Online measuring of PSD

Fig. 4 Realtime measurement of PSD

Automatic sampling from production process decreases the human cost. There is no loss of product, as sampled material is automatically returned to the process. Real time monitoring optimizes the production line by increasing productivity, optimizing quality and reducing energy costs. Problems or unforeseen events are also rapidly detected.

Light and robust body

The unique concept of building the system inside an optical bench gives the system the strongest and most rugged configuration of any instrument available. This ensures stability of measurement over a wide range of temperature and humidity.

Easy disassembling and cleaning

The unique cell clean system ensures maximum up time between maintenance. Where cleaning is required, this can be done with no complex realignment of the system optics.

Easy operation of software

All functions you would expect in a laser diffraction laboratory instrument are available in the software, in an easy to use interface. It is easy to configure the system for ‘one click’ measurement.

A range of sampling options

As no two applications are the same, a range of sampling options are available to ensure optimal dispersion / wear protection is addressed.

This means that the technology is suitable for a wide range of materials, whether fragile or abrasive, or difficult to disperse.

Built to ISO13320 (Laser diffraction and scattering method, particle size distribution measurement)

IP65 protected

ATEX options available

Fig. 5 Multi-display of measurement values

Fig. 6 Display of scattering intensity for adjustment the instrument


Our online particle sizing system can measure particle size at various locations in the facility, for example, an outlet of mill or product from bag filters. Applications include, powder coatings, paint, battery material, magnetic material, cement, FCC catalyst, carbon, PTA (purified terephthalic acid), coal, alumina, calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate, kaolin, dye, resin, wax, polymer, pharmaceuticals, catalyst, metal powder, silica, solder, and food. In addition, instruments for in process measurement of materials in liquid suspension are available.

Three models available XI or XP 220P ~ 1100P covering the measuring range of 0.5μm ~ 1100μm.

Feel free to contact us. if you have any questions or concerns.