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Innovation of conventional measurement method!
Water or other liquid is sprayed to powder or slurry on the sieve for wet sieving.


Fig. 1 Principle

Water is sprayed through the rotating sprinkler nozzle to disperse the sample. The Viblette is supplied with a vibration mechanism to assist in the dispersing of the sample agglomerates and the breaking of potential liquid membranes on the sieve in order to achieve stable sieving.


Fig. 2 Example of Sieving Performance

Current Wet Sieving

  • Excessive time needed
  • Messy process
  • Splashing Liquid
  • Inaccurate measurement values
  • Process skill required


Advantages of the Viblette

  • Reliable measurement values
  • Reduced analysis time
  • Repeatable measurement protocol

Achieve accurate measurement results within a short time.

For Nonoparticle - Barium titanate -

Fig. 3 Ultra sonic type, VBL-FU

Ultrasonic type

For wet sieving of strong cohesive powders, Ultrasonic + mechanical vibration model (VBL-FU) is suitable instrument.

Sieving silica particles with the Viblette

Below sieving silica particles are using a 5μm screen with the Viblette VBL-F-Ultra.

Fig. 4 SEM, particles on the sieve with 5 micron opening

Fig. 5 SEM, passed particles from the sieve with 5 micron opening

Fig. 6 VBL-FS

VBL-FS, Explosion proof & Solvent correspondence model

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  • Magnesium hydroxide:Flame retardant
  • Hydrated lime:Soil improvement
  • Titanium oxide:Ink, Cosmetics
  • Carbon black:Ink, Tire
  • Pigment:Inorganic pigment, Organic pigment
  • Silica:Sealant for electronic device
  • Barium titanate:Laminated ceramics capacitor
  • Superhard particles:Abrasive grain
  • Manganese dioxide:Battery material
  • Disintegrant:Tablet auxiliary

Other information

Fig. 6 Layout

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