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Parshe Analyzer[NEW!]


The Hosokawa Micron Parshe Analyzer is a Flow Particle Image Analyzer designed to measure particle size and shape of particles by means of analyzing images. The system produces precise, clear images leading to advanced measurement of particle shape, since all of the particles are in focus because of their passing through a Sheath-Flow cell. The Automatic focus-adjustment system corrects the fine deviation that can affect measurement values. As a result, no adjustment skill is required to obtain clear particle images. In addition, the internal lens is automatically selected by software depending on particle sizes. Additionally, an OPTIONAL Auto Sampler (PAS-AS) disperses the particles prior to starting a measurement acts as a pretreatment condition when measuring several samples. Resulting in no analysis measurement value differences between operators.


Fig.2 Measurement Systems Images

The "Combination Optical / Flow Control / Electrical / Image Analysis Technology"

The system supplies particles consistently to Sheath-Flow cell. They are focused by a camera since the sample is directed to a certain focal position by “sandwiching” the flow of Sheath liquid. The Sheath-Flow cell is placed between a Xenon lamp and a camera. The camera takes particle images illuminated by a Xenon lamp to make shadow pictures; it produces sharp particle outlines that are precisely captured (Fig. 2).

The automatic focus-adjustment system corrects the fine deviation which would affect the measurement values so clear particle images are acquired.



The Parshe Analyzer is "One of the best Flow Particle Image Analyzers for fine particles"

  • The Parshe Analyzer is able to analyze many fine particle images ranging from nano to hundreds of microns correctly.

The "Advanced Flow Controlling System"

Fig.3 Particle images sandwiched
in Sheath liquid and LED illuminated for measurement

  • Leading the particles to the focal position. (Fig. 3)

Fast Analysis

Fig.4 Polystyrene latex images

  • Capturing wide shooting range.
  • Ability to take approximately 500,000 particle images of 1micron particles per 1 minute in the maximum.
  • Analysis time, 1/10 of the time compared to that of common flow particle image analyzers. 

Automatic Internal-Lens-Selection System

  • Selecting Internal Lens automatically depending on the particle size is performed by the software. (Two (2) lens sizes: A) Standard Mode for particles about 5micron. B) High-Magnification Mode for particles 1micron or smaller)

Prevention of Human Error

  • Automatic Focus-Adjustment System corrects the fine deviation in the Sheath-Flow cell to get sharpest most accurate particle images.
  • Pretreatment is greatly important to get repeatable results.
    -> OPTIONAL Auto Sampler (PAS-AS) disperses the particles prior to starting a measurement acts as a pretreatment condition when measuring several samples.
  • Eliminates analysis measurement value differences between operators

Parshe Analyzer / Auto Sampler

Automatic Cleaning System

  • Minimizing cleaning process.
  • Eliminates operator for cleaning.


Fig.5 Particle images after binarization

Capable of storing both Particle Size Distribution and Particle Shape data simultaneously. (Fig. 5 Toner or Abrasive etc...)

Fig.6 Analysis results (using x20 Internal Lens)

- Able to save various data values, such as Particle Size, Shape and Shape Index based on the total number of analyzed particles from saved images. (Fig. 6)

Abrasive powders for manufacturing of semiconductor, cathode material for Lithium ion batteries. 

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