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NAUTA MIXER Vacuum/Pressure type


Taking advantage of Vrieco Nauta Mixer’s superior mixing functions, vacuum/pressure type drying technology was established. High mixing ability and high efficiency in heat transfer from jacket. Since mixing, drying, reaction, and cooling can be carried out with one machine It simplifies the production process and cuts labor costs along with low energy consumption and little damage to powder, easy discharge and little remaining material in the vessel. Easy cleaning and good accessibility makes this type of dryer applicable for wide range of products.
(NAUTA & "NAUTA MIXER" is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)


Fig.1 Schematic structure

Fig.1 shows the structure of the Vrieco Nauta Vacuum Dryer. Basic construction is the same as the standard Vrieco Nauta Mixer. The difference is that the orbit arm, screw shaft seal and conical vessel itself and designed for vacuum tight (In case of pressurized operation/reactor use, pressure tight construction). The jacket is provided on the casing for the heating medium such as steam or hot water. Heated casing is used as a heat transferring area. This is the indirect heating/drying, which the material does not directly contact with the heating media.


High heat transfer coefficient.

Depend on material. Normal U=50-2000W/(m2•K).

Low energy consumption.

ca. 5.5-13kW for 2,000 liter/batch.

Limited air tight part.

Structurally, it has smaller airtight part. Negligible air leakage and stable vacuum condition is maintained. Small vacuum pump.

Easy discharge and less remaining product in the vessel.

Conical casing with discharge port at the bottom. Product discharge is easy and less residue remaining.

Easy to clean

A simple machine structure with one screw inside a vessel allows for easy cleaning. This makes changing products easier and maintenance is also simplified.

Dust protection

As pulsjet vacuum collector (HP type) is directly mounted on the vessel, it protects condenser and vacuum pump from dust.

Simplifying processes

A single machine can be used for mixing, drying, reaction and cooling on purpose.

Sealing is free from the powder

As the drive unit is located at the top of the machine, there is no need for seals to be in the powder bed. This prevents the seal from damage by wearing.

Fig.2 Flow

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