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ACM Pulverizer Model CR[NEW!]


The ACM-CR is an ACM Pulverizer, widely used worldwide, with a high performance air classifier adopted from a jet mill. The result is a mechanical mill with performance approaching jet mill levels.


Fig. 1 Structure

The ACM-CR operates with the same principles as the conventional ACM Pulverizer. The ACM utilizes a closed circuit grinding mechanism, and can re-grind the returned coarse material by the strong impact forces generated by the hammers and liner. The grinding rotor efficiently grinds material fed through the feed inlet. The ground powders and unground feed materials are pneumatic conveyed to the integrated classifying section by the circulating airflow. The fine powders are discharged through the classifying wheel and are as product. The coarse material drops down along the guide ring back to the grinding chamber due to centrifugal force of classifier. ACM-CR achieves ultra fine grind with the combination of high speed grinding disc with specially designed hammers, and a unique built-in high performance classifier.

Fig. 2 Flow


High grinding ability

Fig. 3 Comparison with conventional ACM (ACM-H)

It is available to ultra fine region approaching jet mills.

Reduction of running & installation

Fig. 4 Costs comparison to jet mill

costs (Compared with jet mills)Lower costs, due to mechanical grinding principle of ACM-CR, that doesn't required expensive to run compressor

Easy to adjust particle size

Adjusting particle size during operation is just a matter of the rotating speed changing of classifying wheel and adjusting air volume.

Fig. 5 Selection diagram


Table 1 Applications

ACM-CR works on the same principle as the ACM Pulverizer and has the same wide range of applications.


Table 2 Specifications

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