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Victory Mill VP


The Victory Mill is a grinding machine that has a blade structure for its rotor to minimize residence time and generates large volumes of air flow, making it an ideal screen type fine grinding machine for heat sensitive materials. It is widely utilized for grinding synthetic resins, heat sensitive organic chemicals, foodstuffs, and spices.


The external appearance and internal structure are shown in Fig.1 and Fig.2 respectively. The grinding chamber is constructed with alternating segmented liners and screens set in a cylindrical shape. A high speed rotating grinding rotor fitted with multiple blades is installed in the middle portion of the grinding chamber. The raw material is fed to the middle of the grinding chamber and is then dispersed by the centrifugal force generated by the rotor. The raw material is then ground by the impact from the blades or by the shearing force generated between the blades, liners and screens. Once the material is ground to a certain size, it will pass through the screen and is then collected as a product. The small-sized VP-1 can be operated on its own by directly attaching an outlet bag. A standard process flow for the Victory Mill includes a bag filter and blower as shown in Fig.3.

Fig.1 Victory MIll VP-1

Fig.2 Schematic figure


Fig.3 Flow

  • Due to its short residence time, generations of fines are minimized leading to a sharp and equal particle distribution.
  • The area ratio of the liner and screen can be adjusted to best suit the material specifications.
  • It has a simple structure making maintenance very easy. A cantilever structure and large door allow for easy access to the grinding chamber for inspection.
  • It is ideal for grinding heat sensitive materials such as synthetic resin and foodstuffs.

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