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Mikro Pulverizer AP


The Mikro Pulverizer hammer & screen mill is a high speed impact mill that can be used for grinding a wide range of materials. The raw material is ground by the strong impact force generated from the swing hammer reaching circumferential speeds of 100m/s and the impact of the liner. The particle top size is controlled by a replaceable retainer screen. Different screen options can produce materials down to 45 microns.


The built-in swing hammer consists of the standard stirrup hammer (see Fig.1) and the knife hammer, which limits the generation of fine particles. As shown in Fig. 2, raw material is fed into the grinding chamber using a screw, then is impacted by the rotating hammers resulting in finer materials. The deflector liner at the top of the grinding zone slows the peripherally speed of the particles and deflects them back into the path of the hammers. As particles become fine enough, the pass through the retaining screen at the bottom of the grinding chamber and are collected. The Mikro Bantam Mill AP-B (Fig.6) has the same orientation and is used for small-scale production. For larger models, as seen in Fig.3, a pneumatic conveying chute is attached and a bag filter collects the product. By installing a classifier after the Mikro Pulverizer, the top-size of the product can be controlled allowing for products with a sharper particle distribution.

Fig.1 Photo of rotor assembly

Fig.2 Principle of Mikro Pulverizer

Fig.3 Flow of big scale AP


  • Continuous operation allows for high capacity milling of a wide range of materials.
  • Particle top size can be easily controlled by changing the retainer screen.
  • Designed for quick disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Durable construction for long service life.
  • AP-B, AP-1, and AP-2 models can be operated on its own by attaching air relief filters, allowing for easy operation.

The expnation of this machine is also available by the folloing movie.


The specification of Mikro Pulverizer is as Fig.4.

Fig.4 Dimensions of Mikro Pulverizer

Fig.5 Mikro Pulverizer AP-4

Fig.6 Mikro Bantam mill AP-B

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