UMP Universal Milling System Three-in-one mill

Fig. Mikro UMP-B

Fig. Mikro UMP-B


The Mikro UMP Universal Milling System is designed to suit the multiple application needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Through the combination of a high speed bearing assembly with a high turn down ratio and several different grinding elements the Mikro UMP Universal Milling System can meet the requirements for coarse granulation to ultra fine grinding with particle size distribution control as well. This three-in-one mill, which has 3 rotor configurations which makes it possible to customize to the tasks. The Mikro UMP is the next step in the evolution of the Mikro Pulverizer hammer & screen mill by providing the same grind as the classic hammer & screen setup while adding the flexibility of interchangeable rotors.

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The Mikro UMP has a cantilevered bearing housing with gas purged main shaft seals that eliminate potential contamination of the product and main drive bearings. The smaller units are designed with a one-piece door and articulated hinge mechanism and are secured with a single tri-clamp, providing a simple and clean design. (see Fig. Mikro UMP-B) Operators can quickly change grinding elements for different applications. The options for the Mikro UMP include; Pins for ultra-fine grinding, Impact Hammers for fine grinding or Knife rotor for coarse grinding and granulation. This new design can also operate cryogenically with liquid nitrogen injection.

Pin Disc:

The pin disc is of a singular unitary design. The rotor is made from one solid machined piece of stainless steel. The pins are hydraulically pressed into place and the back of the disc is machined and polished to a uniform finish. Pin rotors produce the finest particle size on the Mikro UMP Universal Milling System.

Fig.1 Pin Disc Diagram

Fig.2 Pin Disc

Hammer Rotor:

The Hammer and screen option combines fine grinding with precise top size particle control. This configuration will provide equivalent grinding to the standard Mikro Pulverizer. With this option the grinding chamber can be provided with a multiple deflector liner designed to optimize grinding efficiency and an outlet screen to control residence time and top size particle definition. Multiple screen types are available with different hole dimensions and open areas.

Fig.3 Hammer Rotor Diagram

Fig.4 Stirrup Hammer

Knife Rotor:

The rigid knife rotor option is offered where the production of a coarse or granular particle size distribution is required. The knife rotor design is provided with dual impact surfaces: a knife-edge for true granulation applications and a flat impact edge when more size reduction is required.

Fig.5 Knife Rotor Diagram

Fig.6 Knife rotor

Fig.7 Flow of bunker configuration

Fig.8 Flow of pneumatic conveyed system


The Mikro UMP has been widely used for producing fine powders to top size of 50 - 75 μm in the field of pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
The pneumatic conveyed system and bunker configuration are shown in Figs. 7 and 8.


There area five (5) models sizes available from table top laboratory mills to large production systems. All models can be quickly and easily disassembled and cleaned.

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