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Sinter Pulsjet Collector PSLC

Fig. Sinter Pulsjet Collector

Fig. Sinter Pulsjet Collector


The Hosokawa Micron Sinter Pulsjet Collector is the pulsejet cleaning type dust collector with filter elements made from sintered composite plastic. The filter surface is coated with PTFE so collection efficiency is very high and the dust release is superior. Because cross sectional form is corrugated, filtering area per filter unit is large, resulting in space saving. High vacuum design is adopted on the housing, coping with powder collection application for pulverizing or classifying. Suitable for material with severe exhaust gas control or use in severe environment.

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The filter used in this product has following features

High collecting efficiency

High collection efficiency because filter surface area is very fine due to PTFE coating. Dust release property over the element surface is good and dust accumulation over the filter is minimum so powder collection is very high yield.


Due to corrugated cross sectional form filtering area per unit is large.

Stable pressure drop across filter

Dust release property is high because of PTFE coating thus pressure drop is stable.

Easy maintenance

Filter mounting/release is very easy since filter is fixed at both ends with only 2 pcs of bolts.

High durability

Because filter strength is high, it is possible to use at high pressure drop, which is not possible with common filters.

Heat resistance, anti-static filter

Standard is for heat resistance at 70°C (SL-70) with option 160°C (SL-160). Filter with anti-static finish is also available.

Fig.1 Element

Fig.2 Dimensions


• Product collection and exhaust gas from toner manufacturing plant
• Product collection and exhaust gas from powder coating plant
• Product collection of fine powder
• Product collection in height limitation

The model available for the filter area of 4.8m2-72m2.

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