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Air Jet Sieve e200LS Particle Sizing

Fig. Air jet sieve e200LS

Fig. Air jet sieve e200LS


Hosokawa developed the process of air jet sieving over 50 years ago and launched the very first air jet sieve onto the market. Every new generation constituted a milestone with which Hosokawa defined new standards for particle size analysis.
Today, the Alpine Air Jet Sieve is the most-used device around the world for determining particle size distributions to permit production monitoring and quality assurance as defined in DIN EN ISO 9001, as well as for the validation and documentation of tests in the laboratory. The Alpine Air Jet Sieve is also stipulated as standard test equipment in the factory standards of companies throughout the world. Numerous domestic and international standards also mandate the air jet sieve as the testing device for certain products.

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The only thing that moves the material being analyzed is the air flow. The strong jet of air exiting the rotating slotted nozzle purges the sieve gauze continuously.
This leads to exceptionally short sieving times and ensures that even those materials which are known to cause difficulty can be sieved successfully. At the same under pressure and same sieving duration, exactly reproducible particle size analyses are possible at any time.

Sieving time comparison between e200LS and conventional test sieve is shown in Fig.2.

Fig.1 Schematic structure

Fig.2 Comparison of performance

Principle of Operation


• Efficiency at work
This means that all the standard functions and evaluations are already integrated into the new e200LS. The user-oriented system interface makes operation easy and reliable.
Operational procedures are faster and work is more comfortable, and you save on peripheral equipment.

• Integrated under pressure controller
The e200LS has an automatic controller that monitors the under pressure in the sieving chamber and thus the dispersing effect of the nozzle jet, and which keeps the under pressure constant throughout the entire sieving process. Here too, this means: more efficiency, reliability and comfort.

• Universal sieve adapter
Simply switch over to the new e200LS: all sieves can be used, regardless of make and 200-LS version.

• Sieve identification
Alpine sieves equipped with a transponder chip are recognized and identified by the integrated software. Manual input of the sieve mesh width is no longer necessary, thus reliably preventing sieve insert errors. Evaluation in the analysis log is automated. This is particularly advantageous for laboratories in which a number of different products are analyzed with different sieve sets. Process parameters such as sieving time and under pressure can be individually saved to memory and retrieved automatically during operation.

Fig.3 Powder

• Ergonomic design
And last but not least: the elegant and fluid lines and the smart touch screen.
You only need to glance at the new e200LS to see that it is a high-end model

=embedded system
an integrated minicomputer with eControl regulates, monitors and controls the entire process
intuitive operation using a touch screen
time savings brought about by optimization of the sieving times
functional, elegant design
continuous and ongoing development from generation to generation

Fig.4 Ergonomic design

• Easy operation
Simply get started – the user interface makes intuitive operation possible. The integrated analysis guide leads you through the analysis and moreover offers:
- Comparison analysis, trend analyses for statistics
- Language switch-over and setting of country-specific measurement units
- QM-Toolbox with user administration and password protection
- Recipe management for sieve sets
- Archiving and export of analysis results
- Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

• Reliable quality
To sum up, the new e200LS guarantees results of outstanding quality because the integrated modules eradicate any error sources. This means a significant increase in user reliability, sample reliability and data reliability. All the latest quality standards are met.

Fig.5 Touch screen

Fig.6 Startup screen

Fig.7 Example of measurement

Fig.8 Example of PSD measurement

Fig.9 Sieve administration

Fig.10 Test sieve management


• Particle size analysis
• Control very coarse particles
• Confirming all passing
• R&D
• Pharma Carrier (JP No.13) or later

Sieving of commercialized cement powder (The announcement is Japanese only)

The new e200LS is controlled by eControl.
The software is available in three variants:

for all fundamental sieving processes
the variant for all standard laboratory requirements
top-drawer software for special demands

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