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Denspack DEN Densification

Fig. Denspack DEN-20

Fig. Denspack DEN-20


The Denspack is a deaerator type of densifier designed to be used for the high density filling of bags and flexible containers. Powders can be deaerated without damage just by passing through the compact rotary airlock type body. Using the Denspack as a feeder for the filling of flexible containers or bags can help reduce shipping costs and increase operability of filling operations.
(Denspack is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)

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Fig.1 shows a cross section of the Denspack. The powder enters a pocket in the rotor which has a metal filter at the bottom. The air is pulled out of the pocket through a metal filter by a positive displacement blower as the rotor turns. When the pocket reached the bottom, the deaerated powder is pushed out and the metal filter cleaned. The cleaning step keeps the metal filter performance optimal for continued densification performance.

Fig.1 Principle


• Compact construction, big densification effect
• Densification with no damage to the powder
• Continuous operation possible with the integrated self cleaning mechanism
• Can be easily integrated into production systems
• Can operate even with sticky powders
• Can be used as a feeder or discharger simultaneously with densification.
• Running cost is low due to low energy consumption
• Easy to operate and maintain


Used as a discharger from tank or volumetric feeder at the powder processing system, because of its compact shape.

Fig.2 Flow 1

Fig.3 Flow 2

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