Extrudomix EM Continuous Extruder

Fig. Extrudomix EM-10

Fig. Extrudomix EM-10


The Extrudomix is a continuous screw shaped extruder to mix liquid with powder. It consists of a paddle shaped screw, anvils and orifice plates located at the middle and the end of the casing. The mixed material receives strong sheer force by the internal parts. Because of its high kneading ability, there is no premixing (powder/liquid) is required. Changing the size of orifice plate holes from 1 to 30mm can control size of agglomerates. As the agglomeration is preceded by extrusion through the orifice plate, cylindrical product is obtained with high hardness and at high yield.

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The Extrudomix consists of a single horizontal shaft with paddle shaped screw arranged in a spiral pattern, which drives the material through the chamber. After material gets enough plasticity by mixing and kneading effect, it is extruded out from orifice plate. Screw shape at the feeding part is full blade, paddles with angle of torsion at the liquid mixing part. Anvils are positioned inside the casing to give sheer force to the powder. Two orifice plates are located at the middle of the casing to increase the sheer force to the material. The end orifice plate size should be smaller than that of the feeding side. If no kneading is required, orifice plate at the end can be taken out.

Fig.1 Extrudomix EM-10 in pharma design

Fig.2 Schematic structure


• Cylindrical and hard agglomerates
Uniform cylindrical product can be produced. Hardness prevents agglomerates from collapsing.
• Easy control of agglomerates size
Agglomeration size can be adjusted by changing the orifice plate.
• High kneading ability
Strong sheer force to the material by the internal parts; screw paddles, anvils and orifice plate of the middle.
• Possible to process several materials at once
Stable mixing and kneading of several materials and liquid.
• Improve powder handling
Densification and dust free products.
• Continuous process
Applying quantitative feeding system for powder and liquid. Together with continuous drying process, continuous and automatic operation is possible.
• Easy cleaning
Adopting top-bottom open casing with hinged configuration, disassembling and cleaning become easy.

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