Gear Pelletizer GCS GMS Gear Roll Compactor

Fig. Gear Pelletizer GCS-200/60

Fig. Gear Pelletizer GCS-200/60


The Gear Pelletizer is the machine to make uniform cylindrical pellets by adding a small amount of binder to improve the handling performance.

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Counter-rotating gear type toothed rolls, pull product in and press it through nozzle bores, which are situated between the teeth. In these channels, material is densified into cylinder shaped pellets and emerges on the inside of the rolls. The scraper inside the roll cuts the extruded material for suitable size as product.

Fig.1 Gear roll

Fig.2 Cross sectional view of 4 type nozzles


• Can be produced cylindrical pellets controlled hardness
• Easy to disassemble and clean of gear roll
• Can be heat and cool the feed
• Can be decrease binder volume

Fig.3 Granule products


Suitable for pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, food, synthetic resin, ceramics, fertilizer, animal feed, etc.

Fig.4 Flow

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