Disperse Mill D Wet Homogenizer

Fig. Disperse Mill D-1

Fig. Disperse Mill D-1


The Hosokawa Micron Disperse Mill is a homogenizer of simple construction, capable of easy operation, for dispersing and homogenizing liquid/liquid or liquid/solid. The Disperse Mill efficiently disperses and homogenizes materials which rotates at high speeds keeping narrow clearance with a liner. Widely used in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dyestuffs, pigments, paints, inks or other organic/inorganic materials.
Suspension materials require long batch process time for uniform dispersing or homogenizing. Since batch machine requires large process volume, small continuous process machine is desired. The Disperse Mill uses such mechanism where raw materials are homogenized when passing through the clearance between the high speed rotating runner and the liner, that the mill become simple and can run continuously.

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It consists of a small hopper (D-3 type does not attach a hopper) and the main body which have oil bath bearing section and dispersing/homogenizing section. A propeller and a runner is attached on the rotating axis in the dispersing/homogenizing part. Due to propeller’s rotation raw material liquid in the hopper is mixed. Then when material pass between small gap between the conically shaped runner and the liner it is immediately disperse/homogenized. The gap adjustment can be done easily with adjustment ring in the dispersing/homogenizing section.
Propeller, runner and liner can be disassembled easily so cleaning is very easy. Liquid contact area as well as mill volume is small so material hold-up quantity is very small. Because of this it is suitable for a wide variety of products in small quantities.

Fig.1 Dispersion mechanism


• Uniform homogenization
Because of strong attrition effect the narrow clearance, the mill can be applied to hard to mix liquid, high viscosity material. Dispersion of solid particles into the liquid can be also made.
• Easy adjustment
Depending on the material desired gap can be easily adjusted.
• Recycling operation
For difficult material, batch recycle operation can be done.
• Compact and high capacity
• Oil bath bearing section, stainless steel material on liquid contact part
• Easy to handle, maintain and inspect


• Dispersing and homogenization of dyestuff and pigments
• Production of printing ink, black liquid ink, paints and lacquer
• Various emulsion of disinfectants, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, industrial chemicals
• Production of various oils/fats such as grease, wax, asphalt, animal/plant oils
• Food production such as sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, ice cream, pudding
• Beverage production such as processed milk, lactic drink, juice
• Acceleration of chemical reaction
• Other wet milling, agitating, various process which require dispersing and homogenization

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