ACM PULVERIZER E-ACM Impact Type Air Classifying Mill

Fig. ACM Pulverizer 100 E-ACM

Fig. ACM Pulverizer 100 E-ACM


The ACM Pulverizer is a Fine Impact mill built-in with a classifier used throughout the world for fine grinding various materials. In carbon black grit reduction applications, the low bulk density of the material made processing difficult on standard ACM designs. Continuous innovations to the ACM resulted in a new system capable of reducing grit levels from several hundred ppm down to as low as 1 ppm.
("ACM PULVERZIER" is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)

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Grinding mechanism and features

Dispersion of the raw material is the most important aspect for grinding grit particles (coarse particles). The unit features a pneumatic conveying mechanism to effectively disperse and carry the raw material to the grinding chamber. To process light materials such as carbon, it is important that all of the raw materials flow through the grinding chamber. To assure that all materials pass through the fine impact mechanism, the E-ACM has a structure to feed the materials from the bottom of the grinding rotor.

Fig.1 Grinding mechanism of E-ACM

Recycle-grinding of classified materials

There is a valve at the classifying section to discharge classified coarse particles back into the feed inlet using an ejector for re-grinding. The recycle percentage can be adjusted by controlling the ejector pressure. The suitable production condition is found through the balance between the product quality and capacity.

The explanation of this machine is also available by following movie.


Grinding Efficiency

The grit amount within the product is affected by the grit amount found within the raw material. This unit can produce high-grade carbon blacks with a low investment and low running cost.


The grinding unit is normally incorporated into the carbon black process line as an in-line unit. The blower is installed directly after the grinding unit to compensate for the pressure loss generated by the E-ACM.

Fig.2 Grinding system flow of carbon black


The unique grinding/recycle mechanism of the unit can be used for materials other than carbon black as well. We have references in successfully providing energy-saving grinding for toner, powder coatings, flour, and soybean.

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