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VIBLETTE VBL-F Wet sieve analyzer

Fig. Viblette  VBL-F

Fig. Viblette VBL-F


Innovation of conventional measurement method!

Water or other liquid is sprayed to powder or slurry on the sieve for wet sieving.

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Water is sprayed through the rotating sprinkler nozzle
to disperse the sample. The Viblette is supplied with a
vibration mechanism to assist in the dispersing of the sample
agglomerates and the breaking of potential liquid membranes
on the sieve in order to achieve stable sieving.

Fig. 1 Principle


Current Wet Sieving
Excessive time needed
Messy process
Splashing Liquid
Inaccurate measurement values
Process skill required


Advantages of the Viblette
Reliable measurement values
Reduced analysis time
Repeatable measurement protocol

Fig. 2 Example of Sieving Performance

Achieve accurate measurement results within a short time.

Ultrasonic type

For wet sieving of strong cohesive powders, Ultrasonic + mechanical vibration model (VBL-FU) is suitable instrument.

Fig. 3 Ultra sonic type, VBL-FU

Sieving silica particles with the Viblette

Below sieving silica particles are using a 5μm screen
with the Viblette VBL-F-Ultra.

Fig. 4 SEM, particles on the sieve with 5 micron opening

Fig. 5 SEM, passed particles from the sieve with 5 micron opening


Magnesium hydroxide:
Hydrated lime:
Titanium oxide:
Carbon black:
Barium titanate:
Superhard particles:
Manganese dioxide:
Flame retardant
Soil improvement
Ink, Cosmetics
Ink, Tire
Inorganic pigment
Organic pigment
Laminated ceramic
Abrasive grain
Battery material
Tablet auxiliary

Other information

Fig. 6 Layout

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