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Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mill AFG-CRS[NEW!]


A jet mill suitable for ultra fine millng of various products due to integrated ultra fine classifier with easy disassembly for maintenance.


Fig. 2 Disassembly of 200AFG-CRS

The classifying wheel is designed on basis of the forced and semifree vortex theory, resulting in sub-micron classification. Combined with opposed jet mill technology, sub-micron grinding is achieved. CRS wheels are made in ceramics for metal contamination free application.


Fig. 3 Comparison to general jet mill and CR model (Talc grinding)

  • Ultra fine grinding with integrated ultra fine classifier
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance compared to CR model
  • The minimum partiicle size and grinding efficiency are equal to CR model
  • No metal contamination in ceramics model
  • Scale up with same product size with multi-wheel classifiers


  • Electric material (Glass, Sealing agent, etc.)
  • Graphite, Coke (for anode, capacitor material)
  • Activated carbon
  • MInerals (Calcium carbonate, Talc, etc.)


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