Exhibition : POWTEX OSAKA 2019 (Japan) Oct. 16-18

We are pleased to inform you that we are participating in the Powtex Osaka 2019 trade show to introduce our products and technologies.

We will have displays of our new data-driven manufacturing IIoT service, fluidized bed opposed jet mill, new ACM pulverizer series, lab equipment, various measuring equipment and so on at our booth.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the booth.




Exhibited technologies


Data-driven manufacturing IIoT service which combines machine capability with software.

Intellisizer® XI

In-process particle measurement system that offers real-time monitoring and control of powder processing.

Fluidized bed opposed jet mill AFG-CRS NEW

A jet mill suitable for ultra-fine milling of various products due to integrated ultra-fine classifier.

HOSOKAWA GEN4, IIoT service OPtisizer, Intellisizer 400AFG-CRS


ACM Pulverizer ACM-F NEW

One of the ACM Pulverizer series which can saving energy.



The table top lab equipment which includes mills, classifiers and mixers etc. on a miniature scale.


Viblette VBL-F

The wet sieving analyzer which achieves easy operation, short measuring time, and perfect repeatability.

ACM-15F picoline Viblette, VBL-F


Peneto Analyzer PNT-N

The measuring instrument to evaluate the affinity between powder bed / tablet like as OD tablet, and liquid.


Powder characteristic tester


Global standard measuring instrument of powder property evaluation.

PenetoAnalyzer, PNT-N Poweder Characteristics Tester, PT-X  


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