Hydro-Mill AHM Wet Process Agitated Ball Mill

Fig. Hydro-Mill 90AHM

Fig. Hydro-Mill 90AHM


The Hydro-Mill is a wet process-grinding mill with a horizontally configured cylindrical grinding chamber that can be operated continuously and produce products with particle sizes in the submicron range. The machine can be operated under a closed circuit batch operation or single-pass continuous operation mode. The AHM was designed and manufactured for products, which require an ultra-fine particle size distribution.

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The AHM has a cylindrical double-wall casing that can be cooled. The interior casing has a liner-pipe structure for easy exchange. The lining for the liner pipes and the agitator disc are available in chilled casting, polyurethane, stainless steel, or ceramics.

The modular concept of these parts enables the operator to exchange the lining quickly, as well as lowers costs of spare parts and allows for utilization in vast application possibilities. The construction material of the agitator discs, separating rings, and stirrer can be selected to best suit each individual application.

Fig.1 Structure


A pump to the grinding chamber feeds the raw material. After the grinding process, the material flows through the beads separator and is then discharged. Approximately 70~80% of the grinding chamber is comprised by grinding beads.

• Construction material: Polyurethane, chilled casting, stainless steel, ceramics (for smaller sizes only)
• Explosion proof structure
• Specific housing design for cooling

Fig.2 Agitator disks


• Easy Disassembly and Cleaning
The mill is equipped with either a stationary or mobile support unit that guarantees a simple disassemble procedure for cleaning and maintenance. There is sufficient space underneath the grinding chamber as well which permits the use of large volume collection bins for emptying and cleaning the mill. The screen can be exchanged easily and quickly without having to discharge the grinding beads or leftover material inside the mill. The beads separating zone is comprised of rotating stirrers and a screen, where the stirrers have the ability to clean the screen and prevent blockages.
• Wear protection:
For applications, which require special care for metal contaminations, the agitator disc and liner pipe can be coated with either high-grade ceramics or tungsten carbide. A mono-block ceramics structure is possible as well.

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