Investor Relations

Greetings (company introduction)

Ever since starting business in 1916, Hosokawa Micron has continuously aimed to develop new powder processing technologies based on the spirit of “Harmony, Sincerity, Constructiveness”.

Beginning with the development in the 1930s of the Micron Mill that greatly contributed to the industry of Japan, we have supplied worldwide industry with a wide range of cutting edge products in the field of powder processing for milling, classification, mixing, drying, agglomeration, collection, dust prevention, feeding, discharge, conveying and analysis.

We have concentrated our efforts to take our powder processing products (mountain peaks) and the engineering to combine the products based on the vast amount of technical data and years of experience (the broad peripheral technology forming the foot of the mountain peaks) to form a magnificent “mountain range of powder technologies.

We are now emphasizing efforts in the development of nano-technology including ”particle design technologies” which leads to “development of new materials” which may result in a revolution in technology.

We will continue to value the brand cultivated through history and heritage while contributing to society by developing leading edge powder processing technologies by combining the strengths of the Hosokawa Group worldwide.