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Hosokawa Micron
Super Micron Mill M


The Super Micron Mill is the ultra fine grinding machine for minerals. The mill is designed with a separation/removing mechanism for foreign ingredients. Therefore, very uniform ultra fine particles are produced by the separation of foreign materials


  • Simultaneous grinding and elimination of foreign materials
  • Uniform ultra fine particles can be obtained.
  • Quality of grinding products (purity, whiteness etc) is very high
  • Particle size adjustment and operation is simple
  • Grinding capacity is very large and the unit has a low noise level


M52NC- M502NC
5.5kW - 55kW


Alumina, sodium sulfate, perlite, lead powder, synthetic pigment(blue), blowing agent, kaolin, clay, carbon black, diatomaceous earth, graphite, activated earth, silica gel, aluminum hydroxides, organic pigments, talc, calcium carbonate, mica, slaked lime, iron oxides, clay

Standard Flow sheet