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VIBLETTE VBL-F Wet sieve analyzer

Fig. Viblette  VBL-F

Fig. Viblette VBL-F


The Viblette VBL-F is the lab scale portable wet sieve analyzer corresponding to JIS standard sieve (Φ200mm, Φ75mm). It gives efficient sieving by strong vibration of 1mm amplitude to the sieve and uniform water spraying. The wet sieving method has long history to sieve the highly cohesive powder or to find a small amount of coarse particles, which is difficult to detect by laser diffraction-scattering method or dry sieving. Accurate operating procedure is required, because it is mostly used for quality control. However, the operators use wet sieve not in careful manner. For example, operators pour water directly from a tap, disperse sample by brush, and scrub hardly the sieve to dis-agglomerate the clumps. It causes human error and differences in the measurement. The conventional wet sieving procedure takes a long time. VBL propose to replace the conventional wet sieve for quality control.
(VIBLETTE is a registered trademark of HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION in Japan)

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The unit consists of sprinkler nozzle for spraying water, sieving drum with holder and vibration generator. Water is sprayed through shower nozzles of the sprinkler. The sprinkler rotating by the liquid pressure spreads liquid for dispersing powder evenly on the sieve. As the option, the sprinkler speed and liquid pressure is controllable separately. For sieving the highly cohesive sample, high water pressure with relatively low sprinkler speed is necessary. In case of operation with fine sieve opening, the operator is suffered by the phenomenon of liquid membrane. The Viblette is provided with the strong vibration mechanism to the sieve for dispersing the agglomerates and for breaking the liquid membrane on the sieve. Reducing spraying speed and strong vibration avoid the formation of the membrane, prevent the flooding, and shorten measuring time.
High end model with optional functions can control spray ON/OFF timing, liquid flow volume, rotational speed of sprinkler, process time and vibration ON/OFF timing.

Fig.1 Example of sieving results by d=75mm screen


• Firstly, set and fix the sieve drum to the main unit, charge the sample on the sieve, adjust the liquid flow rate, then you can start sieving process. The simple structure and easy operation requires no manual operation during sieving, and it complete with the short sieving time.
• It shortens sieving time to 1/3 and decreases the liquid quantity to 1/6 of conventional wet sieve by strong vibration mechanism and full spraying over the sieve surface. This vibration mechanism realizes the fine sieving of 5 micron opening.
• Viblette can set JIS Φ75mm sieve drum. It assists to sieve the precious material and to shorten a drying time.
• Huge amount of slurry processing is possible. The special feeding device (option) can feed slurry to the sieve with max. 10L/min. It applies for the quality control of Carbon black by finding the small amount of coarse grits.
• Possible to provide ultrasonic (option) for high cohesive super fine powder or fine opening sieve.
• Special design is available for organic solvent.
• It can set the best operating conditions.
The specialist's know-how is reproducible; controlling of liquid volume, spray timing, vibration intensity and timing when it sieves clogging or adhesive materials.

Fig.2 Operation console

Fig.3 Schematic structure

Fig. 5 Comparison to hand sieving (nano-sized barium titanate)


• Elimination of fine particles in sample
• Controlling a small amount of coarse particles in the product
• Product warranty. Sieving is only the technology to prove no coarser particle than sieve opening size physically passes through the sieve
• Wash and clean of sample surface
• Classification for recovery of fine particles passing through the sieve
• Take the powder from slurry contains organic or inorganic solvent
• Particle size analysis of the powder with highly electrostatic or highly cohesive powders which are difficult to sieve in dry
ex. carbon black, calcium carbonate, graphite, silica, plastic, food, abrasive, ceramic fine powder, etc.

Fig. 6 Sieving of slurry of nano paricle (barium titanate)

Comparison of the sieving time:
Conventional manual sieving and Viblette by 2 types of calcium carbonate powder (100g sample).
Viblette completes to sieve in 30 seconds, conventional manual sieving takes 3 minutes. Especially in case of the sample contains a lot of coarse particle, coarse particle clogs the mesh opening and takes longer time for conventional sieving.
Viblette is to set operating conditions, it is possible to have reproducible measurement without operators error.
Viblette is the exclusive wet sieving machine to fulfill the sieving a number of samples quickly and with high reliability.

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